Adv Crim Lit 2nd edn 2018.png

Advanced criminal litigation

Advanced Criminal Litigation is sold as a stand-alone guide. We cover the following topics:

  • Key Terms
  • Advising at the Police Station  
    • Solicitor’s Role  
    • Identification Issues       
    • Searches  
    • Steps to take at, and before attending, the Police Station  
    • Advising your Client before an Interview   
    • Juveniles at the Police Station
    • Charging and Bail
    • Funding and Costs
    • The role of the CPS  
  • Disclosure  
    • Character Evidence    
  • Witnesses 
  • Hearsay
  • Youths 
  • Road Traffic Act 1988  
  • Out of Court Disposals 
  • Sentencing    
  • Sentencing for Youth Offenders
  • Deportation  
  • Confiscation Orders     
  • Prisons


Last updated in April 2018. If we are working on a new edition of this guide, we will announce it on our homepage here.