Corporate Transactions

Corporate Transactions is sold as a stand-alone guide. We cover the following topics:

  • Comparing Auction and Private Treaty Sales 
  • Share and Asset Sales
  • Legal & Regulatory Consents
  • Competition Controls
  • Forms of Consideration – Cash, Shares & Loan Notes
  • Tax on Share Sales & Asset Sales
  • Group Structures & Tax Relief for Groups
  • Due Diligence
  • Agency, Distribution Agreements & Competition Law
  • Employment – Wrongful & Unfair Dismissal, TUPE 2006, Redundancy & Pensions
  • Property & Environmental Issues
  • The Acquisition Agreement – Clauses, Restrictive Covenants, Assigning & Novating Contracts, Transferring Debtors & Creditors, Transferring IP and Other Assets
  • Split Exchange & Completion
  • Management Buy-Outs and Private Equity Funds 
  • Class & Related Party Transactions
Corporate Transactions 5th edn 2018.png

Private Acquisitions 

We have been informed that the content of the Corporate Transactions module is very similar to that of the Private Acquisitions module offered at other law schools. As such, we have decided not to release a stand-alone guide to Private Acquisitions.

You may find our Corporate Transactions guide useful for your study of the Private Acquisitions module - we would recommend that you compare the topics covered on each course to decide whether our guide would be suitable for your purposes.


We have been informed that the content of the M&A module at ULaw covers topics which are included to a large extent in our Corporate Transactions guide above, as well as a number of topics which deal with Private Equity and Public Takeoevers via offers and schemes of arrangements. Those latter topics are covered by our separate Equity Finance guide

We are not planning to release a standalone M&A guide - we suggest that students on this course check out our Corporate Transactions and Equity Finance guides and use those two guides if they consider them appropriate.


Last updated in March 2018. If we are working on a new edition of this guide, we will announce it on our homepage here.