Debt Finance 5th edn 2018.png

Debt Finance

Debt Finance is sold as a stand-alone guide. We cover the following topics:

  • Derivatives

  • Types of Loan Facility

  • How is a loan put together?

  • Loan Provisions

  • Drafting Representations and Undertakings

  • Withholding Tax and Margin Protection Clauses

  • Events of Default

  • Drafting Events of Default

  • Syndicated Loans

  • Loan Transfers

  • Security

  • Quasi-Security

  • Debentures and Lenders’ Options on Insolvency

  • Bonds & Eurobonds

  • Listing Eurobonds, the Prospectus and Liability


Last updated in January 2019. If we are working on a new edition of this guide, we will announce it on our homepage here.