Media and Entertainment 2nd edn 2018.png


Media & Entertainment Law is sold as a stand-alone guide.

We cover the following topics:

  • Key Terms
  • Copyright   
  • Music Industry     
    • Recording Agreements    
    • Music Publishing Agreements
    • Management Agreements
  • Film & Television    
    • Options and Assignment Agreements  
    • Writers’ Agreements   
    • Production, Financing and Distribution Agreements        
  • Defamation      
  • Privacy     
    • Misuse of Private Information 
    • Statutory Protections for Privacy 
  • Contempt of Court      
  • Advertising in the Media    
  • Sport and Sponsorship    
    • Endorsement agreements   
    • Merchandising agreements
    • Sponsorship agreements


Last updated in April 2018. If we are working on a new edition of this guide, we will announce it on our homepage here.